Sound Lounge 21 is an innovative and ambitious project model that places young people at the centre of the organisation, providing them with the skills to shape and brand the Sound Lounge 21 youth programme at Town Hall Symphony Hall (THSH) whilst developing their skills as cultural leaders.

A core group of ten young people from Birmingham will be supported to lead research and develop the Sound Lounge 21 Project which includes; showcasing opportunities, Gold Arts Award qualification, leadership skills, event management & marketing training and skills development in digital media.

 With the support of THSH staff and industry experts’ young people will lead their own programming strand along side THSH established programmes: Folk for Free, Rush Hour Blues and Musical Picnic in the foyers at Symphony Hall. They will manage budgets, develop ideas and projects, fundraise and become ambassadors for one of the city’s largest arts organisations. Communicating, inspiring and engaging other young people, sharing THSH's vision and values in –connecting people to music.

Sound Lounge 21 is supported by LandAid Charitable Trust and Grantham Yorke Trust.